So you might be asking,

why Blue Flamingo Dreams?  

I'm  Peruvian, and flamingoes are very symbolic to us, they are part of the reason why our flag is red and white. But unlike most Peruvians, I've lived in the UK most of my life so I'm part of the flock and someone that stands out. I relate with blue flamingoes.

Perhaps you do too?

Making connections, resonating with others and communicating through art, illustrations and writing is very important to me. I learnt English as a second language when I was six (and I'm still perfecting my skills!)

this is why language and art have played such a

massive role in my life. It's the medium and

world I feel most comfortable in. 

Please contact me

if you would like to enquire

about any art

you may have seen

or have a


in mind.



Telephone: +44 7388 128 440


© 2019 by Isha Harris

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